The Solipsist Sepulchre – Ethics of Progress in a Modern World

Khanea Suntzu Ethics & Interdisciplinary Future Studies, Publications 0 Comments

There is a major question in the world today, and has been since Aristotle and Socrates – what is the good society ? What is the “best” way to live for large groups of human beings ? How can we know what is good and how can we debate or agree about what is good? Might there be absolutely no other objective good other than let people make up their own minds on how they live? Can anyone just decide to do whatever they like, and could you be completely free to dismiss other lifestyles and ideologies on the basis …


The Role Of Aging In Society

Demian Zivkovic Ethics & Interdisciplinary Future Studies, Publications 1 Comment

Take the following situation. We discover an extremely contagious virus. It infects you and your loved ones, and quickly propagates through all of mankind. As a result, 150,000 people die every day. It kills more than twice the number killed in the holocaust every three months, and in 30 years, it will have killed 1.5 billion, around one in six people. How high would this score on a list of global priorities? There’s no doubt the situation would be grave. Most people would demand immediate action. But that’s just a thought experiment, right? Not really. Every day, 150,000 people do die …