About Us

The Institute of Exponential Sciences is an international innovation oriented think tank, outreach organisation and networking platform based in the Netherlands, in the city of Utrecht. It’s main activities include organising lectures and conferences, providing quality consultancy on innovation and exponential technologies and collaborating with student organisations and universities in educating the public on the importance of exponential technologies.

It was founded by members of it’s predecessor, the Arma’thwynn society, which was a student group of like-minded young academics in the Netherlands. After organising events and attracting a very diverse and professional team of entrepreneurs, academics and journalists, the society decided to move past student politics and make the move towards professionalism.

The Institute of Exponential Sciences is the result of that decision. After organising successful events (the largest of which was our symposium in April, 2015), the Institute of Exponential Sciences formalised it’s mission and reached out towards a process of international collaboration with other entities which share a techno-positive vision. We strive towards excellence in providing the best information and resources related to the issues relevant in the rapidly advancing technological society we live in.

At the Institute of Exponential Sciences, we believe that understanding of the world and implementing this understanding leads to technologies which can fundamentally improve the human condition. That is why we work to educate and empower people who are interested in exponentially growing technologies.

Our approach is focused on providing interdisciplinary education in the fields of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, bio-informatics, gene therapies, 3D-printing, augmented reality and neural interfacing. We also provide a networking platform which allows entrepreneurs, scientists, journalists and students to get in touch with others with similar ideas so that they may create the technologies of tomorrow. Not only to improve the speed of development of these technologies, but also to show the public the amazing possibilities technology provides for us. To make science fiction reality – in a positive way. We do this through monthly events such as Innovator’s Cafe, as well as through symposia and conferences.

Our outreach efforts include lectures, interviews with experts, publication of articles, distribution of books, panel discussions and science journalism. We strive to provide impactful consultancy, networking opportunities and interdisciplinary insights which can help private and corporate clients world-wide. Finally, we help entrepreneurs and professionals to set up projects related to exponential sciences and technologies, both to advance the rate of technological progress and to fund further projects.