The Institute of Exponential Sciences assumes a techno-positive and techno-progressive position. The mission of the IES, at its core, is to accelerate the rate of technological innovations which have the potential to radically benefit individuals and societies, and to do this in a safe, responsible and ethical way. We aim to do this this through a trilateral approach (The IES strategy):

Cultivating public awareness, interest and understanding

At the IES, we believe that awareness and understanding of rapidly emerging technologies of today and tomorrow is vital in forming an informed and rational position on their use. As we believe technology can greatly benefit societies and individuals if used in a responsible manner, we aim to provide resources to educate the public and cultivate interest in both technologies and the issues surrounding them. We hope we can encourage and empower the people around the world today to join the debate and development of the technology of tomorrow.

Providing a networking platform for scientists, entrepreneurs, students and journalists

Technological progress is a collective act. Many agents are involved in innovation processes; it is nearly impossible to innovate in an isolated environment. The IES strives to provide a platform that can act as a catalyst for forming the connections of various actors (Like experts, professionals, investors, CEOs or scientists) that form new innovation systems. The IES strives to connect people, not only by organising events but also by creating a wide and diverse network of professionals and academics, providing members a pool of human resources – as well as enabling other members to find you for collaborations, investments, projects or simply to share ideas.

Providing the capital, funding or human resources for promising projects, both corporate and private

The IES is not a for-profit organisation, but we do believe that capital is a fundamental necessity in the process of realising innovation. The IES does not strive to accumulate capital or make profits, but this goal can be described as striving to getting the required resources to the right place. This is done through donations, calling upon our investor network and encouraging and empowering members to apply their skillset in a commercial way to benefit future innovations.